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Lunch lunch lunch

Wrote this today, hope you like it! ♥ Also, please remember to pre-order a copy of my new book Lullabies, availableat all major bookstores. To get a special discount now, purchase online at Amazon, BN.com and The Book Depository. So much love to you all!xo Lang


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Strawberry and Spinach Salad With Almond Vinaigrette

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How can you have such strong feelings for someone you only know a few days?
Like I haven’t even seen him in person and there’s this scary weird chemistry between us..
It scares me

Me 50% of the time: I love to run. Green beans are amazing. Who needs cake when I can have strawberries. PROTEIN. Oh my god peanut butter. I have so much energy! This is my fourth bottle of water today. I love being healthy.
Me the other 50% of the time: I want to sleep for 6 years. When did my bed become heaven. Why did I eat 3 twinkies. I'm too lazy to put on a bra. Being a girl sucks. I don't feel like exercising.